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September 2017

I Was Nominated For A Liebster Award!

I was really happy to see a tweet this week from a fellow Blogger, Rachel at Little Miss Bliss. How lovely it is to be nominated by her for the Liebster Award. I’ll be honest, I’d not heard of it… Continue reading →

A weekend away: London

People watching is my thing. Always has been. Put a hot drink in my hand, seat me somewhere comfortable and away I go. If there’s one place to do it, it’s London. It’s one of the biggest reasons why the… Continue reading →

Get A Loafer This

When it comes to the shoe that guarantees comfort and style, allow the loafer to step your way. Yes, you are cool enough to rock a loafer and yes, you will probably wonder why you didn’t buy a pair (or… Continue reading →

My Pick of New Season Zara Coats

The kids are going back to school this week. (Cue a busier commute for me!) New pencil-cases jam-packed with┬ásmelly gel-pens, double-ended eraser pens and maybe a fancy Parker pen if they’re lucky. Kids still use all these things, right? For… Continue reading →

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