I’ve only been a coffee drinker for about two years. Before that I was all about Yorkshire Tea and only Yorkshire Tea. It seemed I hit 30 and boom, I needed a boost!

All week I’ve been looking forward to seeing what Sheffield’s latest coffee shop had to offer; I don’t know what that says about me and coffee!

I get excited about gorgeous interiors, you know when you can tell that the owner (s) really wants you to feel at home and enjoy being in their environment? That’s exactly what 200° Degrees Coffee proved today when they invited myself and other local bloggers to taste their coffee, cakes, sarnies and other goodies.

From the comfy leather chairs in front of the ‘fire’, to the copper wall that was covered by hand by the owner and their team, not forgetting the bucket lamp (my fave); the clash of different metals brings the industry of Sheffield into the room brilliantly. The icing on the cake is the old typewriter to leave your customer feedback on. Customer interaction – tick.

Back to coffee. I tried the flat white first and then went onto something a little stronger, as suggested by Alex. A Double Machiato. If only I could make coffees as pretty as he can.

When you visit, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the team at 200° are super friendly and you feel like they love what they do. To be honest, if I worked in their shop I’m sure I’d feel the same!

Give it a try! Another reason why I love Sheffield; great independent businesses with great people.

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Thanks for reading, until next time, take care – Natalie x