As you go about your daily routine in your home, for me this is usually at weekends, do you ever stop and look at something you’ve put together or purchased and think, I’m really glad I bought that, or, that looks so lovely? Weekends for me are the times I get to soak up what being a homeowner is all about; enjoying spending time in the space that I’ve created, putting more effort in to the little jobs around the house that need doing and just sitting back and appreciating what I’ve got.

I’ve picked out 5 of my favourite spaces or items in my home that I often smile at and fall more in love with.

  1. My upcycled dressing table

This was given to me by a friend. She was moving out and had no where to keep it so I jumped at the chance to call it mine. It was originally a different grey colour with handles that I don’t even remember. When I owned an apartment I used it in my living room for somewhere to place a lamp and picture frames. I painted it canary yellow! The handles were from The Range to add a bit of sass. It looked fab in a monochrome room – think New York loft style. Now for the past few years it has lived in my kitchen-diner. The bottom drawer is deeper and is handy to keep small paint pots in and tools that you often need in the house (rather than having to go to the shed!). The top drawer I use to keep wrapping paper and placemats in and other stuff that doesn’t really have a home elsewhere. Displayed on top are a few cook books that let’s face it, are there just for show, along with my first moving-in gift from Mum – Lisa Faulkner’s cook book named Recipes From My Mother For My Daughter. The imagery inside is so good.

2. My Hallway: The entrance to my home

I wanted the hallway to make an impact. When I saw Kelly Hoppen’s Ikat wallpaper online I knew it was the one. Like most homes nowadays, grey is the theme in most of my rooms, as well as mauve. The little white table used to belong to my boyfriend’s Grandma. I painted it white and brought it up to date. It must be so old and I love furniture with a bit of history. You may have seen this plant on my Instagram. It was £2.50 from Asda and it makes such a difference to that table and seeing a bit of green as I walk through my door just makes me smile.

3. My reading corner

My Mum sells new-builds for a living. Along the way she meets lots of new people and families. One of the families upholstered this Laura Ashley chair for their new home and then decided it didn’t fit with their scheme. She was asked if she wanted it and of course thought of me straight away. My wire and wood magazine rack is placed right next to the armchair in the corner of my living room. What with the mauve and silver wallpaper behind it, I think it’s a lovely corner of my home. I often get lost in a magazine sitting here.

4. My side table

This little gem was found in Wentworth Emporium (near Rotherham) last year. If you have never been and are local, add that place to your list of interiors places to visit. It’s full of vintage items and furniture that local up-cyclers (is that what you would call them?!) have made and are selling.

When I was younger I was very musical, playing piano from age 4, so the sheet music on the front of the table makes me think of that. I’ve never had to extend it but as you can see, it can be bigger if I need it to be.

5. My pink, faux flowers

To be honest, I’m not the best at keeping flowers alive. I’m getting better at it. Indoor ones seem to live longer that outdoor ones. When I saw these faux petals in Tkmaxx a few months ago I thought they were some of the nicest I’d seen for a while. They add a nice touch to my dressing room too and often get moved around in there.

I’m now on the hunt for even more realistic faux- flowers for the other rooms in my house. My bathroom is crying out for a bit of luscious greenery. I don’t know if to introduce it in the form of a plant or artwork. I see so many prints when I’m on Instagram but I just can’t decide on one.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading. Let me know which is your favourite thing I’ve talked about and if you know of a place I should check out for faux flowers, please comment below and tell me more.