Sunday 11th March is the day we show even more love and appreciation to our Mums. Are you still looking for a gift idea? I’ve got five suggestions for you that I’m positive any Mother (and any female for that matter) would love to receive.

1. Neom De-Stress Candle

These candles are pure luxury. Each one contains 14-18mls of pure essential oils which have the power to positively change your mood. With up to 35 hours burn time, this is sure to be a nice added touch at bath times when your Mum enjoys a nice hot soak. What’s interesting to read is that 95% of users felt calmer and less stressed on the Neom de-stress programme (user trial involving 65 female subjects undertaken 4th quarter 2015). What Mums don’t need that?!

Neon candles are stocked at Marks & Spencers and this 1 wick 185g option is £30.

2. Gin Cubes


Perfect for any gin lover! I spotted these on an Instagram advert and thought it was such a good gift idea. Gin has taken off in the last few years as the “in” tipple. When it comes to throwing a party, or even just a G&T after a long day at work, it would be nice to make her treat a little bit more special.

Find them on currently for £5.99 each! Why not throw in a bottle of her fave gin too?

3. A New Accessory

Depending on what your Mum likes, there are so many ideas when it comes to picking something new for her to wear from a nice piece of costume jewellery, to a new clutch bag for when she goes out-out to a new designer keyring that she will use everyday. My Mum personally loves a good scarf so that’s what I decided to look for.

Next have got lots of scarves to choose from but this one stood out to me as one that would be nice as we move into Spring. The colours are light and pretty with the grey and after probably wearing scarves a lot this week, this will update her wardrobe perfectly.

4. Luxury Chocolates – Godiva

Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Flowers and chocolates are cliche but if you’ve put a little more thought into the ones you choose, I’m sure your efforts would not go unnoticed.

My local shopping centre in Sheffield has recently introduced a new chocolate shop and eatery from Godiva. I’m dying to try some of their beautiful treats. I had a quick browse on their website and spotted this Spring 9pcs Gift Box for £15, offering new and limited edition chocolate gems.

They almost look too good to eat!


5. A Homemade Heap of Love

By this I don’t necessarily mean you have to make something but if you’re maybe a little short on cash right now or of you’re the kind of family who just don’t do gifts, why not create a couple of treat vouchers to put inside a card for your Mum? By this I mean little tokens of time that you will promise to spend together. Ideas to write on each card could be:

  • Give her a Manicure or Pedicure
  • Make a 3 course meal for you both and your other family members
  • Take her shopping and act as her stylist when she’s looking for some help with updating her wardrobe
  • Wash her car
  • Blow dry her hair the next time she goes out-out

I hope you all have a lovely day next Sunday. For those who haven’t got their mum around anymore, I’m sending you a hug. I know how it feels on days like this; I lost my Dad when I was 20. It’s crap, but filling your day of memories and being around friends and family helps.

My sister and I will be joining my Mum for Sunday Dinner. The funny thing is, my Mum bought her own gift for Mother’s Day, her fave perfume, (who does that?!) and me and Kate have gone halves to buy it for her.

Here’s a picture of us all in London last year when we went for Mother’s Day to see The Lion King.

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Until next time, take care. Natalie x


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