…And I’ve never been so unorganised at this time of year before. I don’t know if it’s because the last few months, well the whole year actually, has flown by or if I’m just a little less excited. I feel like the months are flashing before my eyes and I just want it all to slow down. Before I know it I’ll be 32 (in March) and it only just feels like I had my 30th! But that was almost 2 years ago and it feels like it was only 6 months ago. Maybe it’s because I live for the weekend or maybe it’s true what they say, life really does go by quickly when you get older.

I don’t have many people to buy for at this time of year; there’s my Mum, Sister, her Fianc√©, my boyfriend and some of my close friends. Mum has asked for a Bluetooth speaker from my Sister and I and between the rest of us, no-one has said what they would like, which I suppose makes Christmas a bit more like how it should be; give what you can and buy what you think that person would love.

I’m just not quite sure what to ask for this year. Perfume is always welcome and I do indeed need to top up my favourites. Other than that, I don’t really need anything. Oh you can throw all of the clothes and make-up and smellies at me and I can always make use of a candle or bottle of plonk. Right now I’d rather go out for a few drinks or for a nice meal with people instead of receiving gifts. Times must be changing!

Now December is here I have my work party to look forward to and evenings filled with other glamourous work events. I’m trying not to buy anything new to wear for the party and so I’m possibly going to don the red dress that I wore for my boyfriend’s work party in London last weekend. Thank goodness for Spanx as I’ll have had a fair few 3 course Christmas meals by then!

This weekend I’ve been decorating the house and making it my own little Winter Wonderland. I bought my tree from House of Fraser and this is my 3rd Christmas with it. Their trees aren’t cheap but they will last you such a long time, I promise. My Mum has had hers about 15 years that she also bought from there and it looks fabulous each year, so I knew I had to get mine from them too. I have allergies to near enough everything; dogs, horses, dust (luckily not to any foods though) and real Christmas Trees are another thing I’m allergic to. Hence the faux tree!

I collect my baubles from places such as Liberty, House of Fraser and the odd boutique gift shop that I visit on my travels. My ultimate bauble though has to be my glass ones from Liberty that somehow have a glass angel inside of them and the glass is multicoloured when light hits it. So special and well worth the money. (Spot one of them just above the candy cane in the picture below.)

The wreath on my front door that you can see above was a new purchase from TK Maxx last month. What a bargain at only ¬£13! It looks divine, don’t you think?

I’d like to pick up a few more bits from there this week; it seems like Nutcrackers are quite a popular decoration this year, they would look quite nice standing by my tree.

If you have decorated your house for Christmas why not tag me in your posts? I love to see a good tree and general Christmas home decor.

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Until next week, take care, Natalie x