As I’ve got older, I’ve turned to fitness. Never one for enjoying getting sweaty, I’ve completely surprised myself with how much I look forward to taking part in a class at the gym and joining others who like me, probably, need that bit of extra motivation from others around you to keep you going.

This year I started going to 45 minute ‘sweat your tits off’ bootcamps. One of those a week, on top of the other classes I take (a weights class and a hard-core legs-bums-tums class), is definitely keeping me trimmer than I have ever been. And I just can’t believe I enjoy doing them, but I do.

One thing I have always envied in others is the ability to run; to run far and to glide through the miles like a swan glides through water. I’m asthmatic and have always struggled with running. I was the one who hated cross-country race day at school and all the training that came with it beforehand. Annoying, because in certain situations I am quite a competitive person. Since I’ve been a ‘gym person’, I’ve tried to run more but for me it’s honestly so much less fun than burpees, lunges and pumping weights. If I’m honest, it’s probably because I’m really good at pushing myself with the exercises we do in class but as I know I can’t run for long without having to stop, I just try to avoid that feeling of failure. My lungs just don’t seem to be on my side.

This week I’ve decided to follow in the footsteps of a lady at work who was definitely not in to her fitness 6 months ago but who has transformed herself with the help of an app from the BBC.

Couch to 5k is designed by a novice runner to help you get started with running towards your 5k goal. Within 9 weeks apparently I’m going to be able to run 5k without stopping. That’s about 30 minutes of non-stop running. Are you joking?! The longest I’ve ever run for without stopping is 13 minutes on the treadmill. This is going to be my challenge before Christmas and I thought if I blogged about it I wouldn’t be able to quit! I’ll also have Laura at work asking me about it on a weekly basis so she will keep me going too!

Why use this particular app?

  • You can play your music as normal whilst the app is encouraging you through your run.
  • You can choose from 4 celebrities to be the voice of your ‘personal trainer’. I’ve chosen comedienne Sarah Millican. I think she is fab and her soothing Geordie accent was my favourite.
  • Keep track of the runs that you have done and select from a smiley face chart to log how you feel before you start and how you feel afterwards.
  • Get reminders for your next run (it’s recommended to do one every other day).
  • It’s really simple to use and it’s free!

I did my first run on Thursday evening and I’m planning to do my second one today. I found the first one quite easy, but I think gym sessions are the reason for that. If you’re starting from complete scratch, don’t be nervous; it’s really key that you stop and walk when your celebrity tells you to as that way you’re going to get to your end goal.

Luckily I live very close to a park and so I run through there during my 25 minute session. I do have to run along fairly busy roads though too and if you know Sheffield, you know we are famous for hills, which I can’t get away from so my journey may be a little tougher than I’d like but it can only be a good thing!

I’ll keep you updated with how I’m getting along. 9 weeks takes us to almost Christmas! With lots of events on during the next two months with work and also the start of the party season, I just need to push myself and focus!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and if you’re looking for an easy way in to getting fitter, why not do this with me?

Take care, Natalie x