In the blogging world, I’m a Leo. The eighth of August 2017 saw me roar into a creative environment, filled with endless possibilities. I wish I had started writing and sharing pictures sooner. I could kick myself for putting it off for a couple of years, probably due to a small fear of what people I know would think. Turns out, the closest ones are pretty proud of me.

Yes, I wanted to write every weekend and publish every Sunday and this happened for most of the year. But sometimes life gets in the way and sometimes it felt a little forced, so I just waited until it felt natural.

In the real world, I’m a Pisces. Which makes sense; apparently we’re known for having an artistic talent. Well, I’m not good at drawing but I’ve always had a flare for creative writing.

So that’s why this blogging malarkey and taking photos at any given opportunity makes me happy then.

The last twelve months has allowed me to make new friends that I would never normally have met, people like Tracy at The Naughty Forty Diaries and Prue at The House of Skirt (and also her fab accessories company The Cool Calm Collection).

I’ve enjoyed attending a couple of blogger events (my fave being the Viking Arty Party at The Chimmey House) and being invited to sample new menus at some of my favourite places to eat in Sheffield. Paid writing work hasn’t been gushing into my inbox but I’ve done a couple of collaborations and I’m excited to work with more companies that I genuinely love in the future.

This will be my 40th blog. Here’s to the next 40 and beyond.

I’d love to see you over on Instagram and if you’re a Twitter fan, I’m on there too.

Until next time, take care – Natalie x