Because the new menu on offer from this popular Sheffield venue is coming very soon!

In two weeks (late April) you’ll be able to devour some of the flavours that I have tasted at The Forum’s new menu taster event. Local bloggers gathered for a bite to eat on a rather grey, dreary day in the city. The food was anything but grey! In fact it was full of colour and equally full of taste.

We rocked up excited to try bits and pieces from a rather hip sounding menu. (I took Mum along with me – a one off – Wednesdays are usually our night though – and she got to sample a bit of the ‘blogger life’.)

From Powerbowls to Small Plates & Sharers, the modern menu is scattered with fab sounding names. Havana Good time, The Fun Guy, Sausage Party *insert immature giggle*, they’re great names you’ve got to admit.

“Goast’s Town” pizza sounded right up my alley and I was not disappointed. And O.M.G – you need to try the Salt & Pepper Squid. And the Deep Fried Breaded Brie. Yes please.

I wish I had taken a picture of the Powerbowls that we got to try. I attacked the African one. It was bloody gorgeous. I mixed up a few of them though to get some hummus, pomegranate seeds (how very cool), olives, mozzarella – it was a taste sensation and something I know my friends will love. I’m told you can build up your own bowl which is a great idea.

As a regular at The Forum, I’m pleased that they’re keeping things fresh and evolving their menu. It’s a good idea to get your hands on a loyalty card for the True North Brew Co, the name behind the venue and several others across our city. The city centre ones are all on my list of favourite places to eat and drink and chill with friends.

So, I’d thoroughly recommend that you get yourself down there when the new menu launches, if not before!

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Thanks for reading. Until next time, take care, Natalie x