When it comes to the shoe that guarantees comfort and style, allow the loafer to step your way. Yes, you are cool enough to rock a loafer and yes, you will probably wonder why you didn’t buy a pair (or 6) sooner!

I’ve always been a fan. I think my first pair were real leather, tan ones from New Look many moons ago and I remember hoping that they would bring similar ones out (this is before loafers were even ‘a thing’); affordable, stylish and comfortable.

My current shoe collection is home to 6 pairs (FYI, I did not know this before, I’ve just been and counted!). I wear them almost every day for work when I can not be bothered with a heel.

After breakfast this morning, I took myself off to Meadowhall to do a bit of Loafer spotting for you. I was disappointed (for once) with the offering at M&S. There wasn’t really one! Next on my list was Dune. Lots of choice here!

The burgundy ones were a favourite of mine; I liked the suede and patent leather detail. Plus, you’ve got to love a tassle! My Dad’s shoe of choice was a tassled loafer from Russell & Bromley; what was good for him is good for me. Too bad their shop is no longer in Meadowhall!

This smart-casual looking black pair (Glorya) were enough to make me want to try them on. Again, I liked the contrast of the patent and suede although at first I wasn’t sure on how I felt about the sporty, spongey look of the sole, but surprisingly I liked and if I had a spare £85 right now, I’d have bought them for sure. Definitely a cool look for a cigarette trouser.

What do you think to them?

How about these jazzy ones from Topshop? I love them!

Kurt Geiger/Carvela also had lots of choice. Some flat, some with a small heel; ideal if you want a little bit of height.

Let me now introduce you to my selection that I already own.

The pair I wear the least are the camel-coloured, suede Karen Millen ones. I’m just scared of them getting marked and perhaps they need a little bit more ‘wearing in’ to be as comfortable as they could be.

You’ll notice from my OOTDs that the two pairs on the left are the ones I wear most often to work. Honestly, look in New Look at their selection but my advice is always go for the genuine leather options if you can, 100% comfort guaranteed.

On the far right are my brown leather ones from Dune. Hands up, I forgot I owned these. I need to think of more outfits to put them with. This particular pair I find quite stiff. Maybe they just need a few more wears too to soften them a little.

At the front is a sporty, light pink, pair that I picked up in a Next sale; handy to just shove on when I’m nipping to the supermarket. Usually they are worn with light-wash denim.

The silver ones are a popular choice when I want to jazz up a work outfit. Daring, but fun! They’re New Look too. Unfortunately they’re not genuine leather and that’s why I can honestly advise you to choose the leather ones if you are picking between a few of their options; much more comfy!

Finally! When I want something colourful, fun and easy-to-wear, I slip these beauties on!

Of course I bought them because they look like Gucci. One day I’ll own the real deal but for now, these gems from TKMaxx always receive compliments!

Whatever your budget, there’s a loafer for you. I hope you liked this blog. If you don’t already, why not follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter! Thank you for reading!