You’re always painting. That’s what my friends say. It’s true, I love to update whichever house I’m living in to put my own stamp on it. My new home, as of April 2019, was always going to be the bigger project. You’ll know this if you’ve been following the journey so far on my Instagram. There are tonnes of home style magazines in my living room, that I’ll have a nosey through when I put my feet up. I’ve noticed, not just in these magazines, but also throughout the retail shops, that green is a big colour for the seasons ahead. Forest green has been around a while on the interior pages on Insta and Pinterest and in recent months it has made its way onto the high street. I’m talking both in home interior stores and also fashion retailers. I stepped into Marks and Spencers last week, looking for a pair of black skinny jeans in the sale, and their new season rails were full of bright green sweaters, blouses, dresses. I think a deeper green would suit my skin tone better but in terms of interiors, I’ve definitely enjoyed adding a few bits of green to my home over the last year, mainly in terms of plants, both faux and real.

Today I went to Homebase, just to have a gander really. There’s the dressing room to paint, wall lights to choose, but I know what scheme I’m going for in there. Now that I’ve decided to not move the current bathroom to one of the spare bedrooms, for now anyway – I don’t see the point when it’s just me, I’ve also got another spare bedroom to redecorate. I picked up a book of paint colours and ideas from Dulux and what do you know, their Colour of The Year 2020 is, you guessed it, a shade of green. They’ve named it Tranquil Dawn and do you know, it’s virtually identical to the colour I put in the bunnies room earlier this year, sorry, back in 2019 (got to get used to it being a new year!).

That was a wallpaper version of it but I’m glad to know I chose well. It’s very calming, soft and delicate, sitting somewhere between grey, blue and green. It can be used as a backdrop to many different rooms, paired with natural furnishings, like the rattan lampshades from the likes of Ikea.

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As a subtle wall colour, harder interiors would work well with it, like a concrete (faux/real) coffee table or console table, a dark grey sofa and industrial accessories. I really like it. I did say that I would remove the wooden panelling from the walls in the bunnies room this year (2020), then have all four walls replastered. Meaning the pale green wallpaper I put up in there would be going. I’m very tempted to paint the whole room in Tranquil Dawn. I’m a fan.

Last January, I focused on the Pantone Colour of The Year and for 2020, they have gone with 19-4052 Classic Blue. Again, another one I’m really drawn to and having just decorated the Living Room in greys, white and dark blues, I’m happy I injected this colour into the room I probably spend the most time in. Pantone say the colour “re-centers our thoughts”, which I like the sound of, bringing with it a sense of peace and tranquility. Pantone and Dulux are on to something here. I’m all over being able to relax more.

Back to fashion, another favourite topic of mine. I’m really keen on a jewel green colour; vibrant and rich. I picked up some gorgeous new statements earrings from Warehouse in the sale a few days before Christmas, having just read an article in Style Magazine (The Sunday Times) about silver and emerald earrings that ranged from hundreds up to £60,000. I think I got a bargain with mine at only £8. They look much more expensive.

Scanning the High Street and in particular my favourite shops to waltz around, I’ve picked out a few green pieces to share with you.

Warehouse: Basket Stitch Crew Jumper – £39

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This would be something I’d wear to work, either with trousers or tucked into a pleated skirt. The same shade as the Dulux paint.

M&S: Straight Short Tweed Jacket – £59

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I love this jacket! How nice does it go with this shade of denim too. The buttons could be slightly more bold, in my opinion.

M&S: Colour Block Tassel Scarf – £22.50

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We’ve got some cold months coming up and this would brighten up a warm outfit; love the little specks of colour in it.

Zara: Snakeskin Print High Heel Ankle Boot – £95.99

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We’ll all be sizzling for snake print in 2020. These ankle boots look the business. And square toes are thing now.

ASOS: Bardot Ruffle Mini Dress in Green Floral Print – £100

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Oh my! How pretty is this? Love the colours. I really like green with pink. Perfect for Summer.

& Other Stories (on ASOS): High Neck Jumper in Sage Green – £35

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More of a weekend style for me, with wide leg jeans and trainers.

ASOS: ASOS Design Longline Trench Coat – £60

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This would update my coat collection nicely. More for work I expect, but I do like it for a more casual look too.

Here’s to more fashion blogs in 2020 and spending more money on my wardrobe, whilst not forgetting the rest of the home renovation!

Will you be adding any green to your wardrobe this year or is it a colour you already wear a lot of? I’d love to read your comments below and if you would like to follow my on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, my handles are below.

Until next time, take care and enjoy the start of a new year and a new decade.

Natalie x