I can get lost on fashion websites for hours on end, can you? If I’m looking for a special gift idea or something more luxurious for a fancy occasion, I’ll head to Selfridges.com for a scoot around their website. A scoot always turns into a good old gander and that’s exactly what happened when I visited their site earlier on today.

I thought I’d show you eight items that I would love to unwrap on Christmas Day morning. One can only dream!

1. Mulberry backpack

I go for lots of weekends away throughout the year and this would be the perfect replacement for a backpack I ruined earlier in this year. (That’s a gross story I might tell you one day!) The pockets are ideal for shoving a passport or train ticket and purse in and anything else you need to grab easily. I love the khaki colour.

2. Zoeva Queens Guard Brush Set

I hear lots of great things about this brand and I’d love to have a full new brush set. It’s something I would find really hard to spend money on even though I’d use them 6 if not 7 days of the week, every week!

3. La Mer Moisturiser

This is something that would be such a special treat for your skin. Possibly the most luxurious of all moisturiser, it has always been a product I’ve wanted to try. Is it worth the hype? Who knows. But I’m guessing it feels like heaven on earth for your skin. It would be lovely to get to try it one day.

4. Gucci Marmont Card Holder

As many of my close friends know, I love Gucci. I’m yet to own one of their GG Marmont bags but one day, it will be mine! This cardholder would add to my small, Gucci accessories collection and when I go opt-out, I only tend to take my bank card and I.D and this would be lush to carry those around in and keep them safe.

5. Christian Louboutin Crochinetta

As the owner of a nude pair of So Kates, unless I won some money, or as if by magic someone kindly paid off my mortgage as a lovely surprise, I don’t think I would buy another pair of Loub heels again. Jimmy Choos and Valentinos are much more wearable! A pair of their ankle boots however, yes, I’d definitely like some of those. Surely they’re much more comfy? These aren’t too high either.

6. Balenciaga Runners

These are so cool. I’d have any colour to be honest but black just looks slick and smart. I’ve purchased a few pairs of trainers in 2017 yet a pair of the Balenciagas would go straight to the top of my faves list.

7. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir 600g candle

My ultimate candle. Large portions. Yes please!

8. Burberry classic short trench

Who doesn’t want to own this classic coat? I feel the longer version would drown me. They have a red one too but let’s be sensible if spending this much on a mac. I’d choose the timeless option.

That’s it! Of course there were more than 8 things I would love to find under my tree, but how long do we want this blog to be?!?!

I’d like to say, we all know the pressure you can sometimes feel at Christmas time when it comes to buying the perfect gifts. Money doesn’t grow on trees (I wish it did, I’d buy all eight!) and spending what you can on your special ones is something we can sometimes worry about more than we should. I don’t have many people to buy a gift for so I like to be as generous as I can be. Each year this changes depending on how much my house is in need of (new boiler was the latest!). Yes, it would be nice to be able to go all out and buy lots of things you know they would like, but spending time together and appreciating what you have already is what Christmas is really all about.

With 1 week to go, there’s still time for you to pick up those last few bits you need. Perhaps some of my items above have come in handy as gift ideas. If they have, I hope the receiver loves them as much as I would!

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Until next time, take care and be merry! Natalie x

All images (apart from the one taken of under my tree) are from Selfridges.com and if you click the links above each item you will find the price and will be able to buy.