After six years of enrolment at a local budget gym chain, I decided to cancel my membership in December 2018. I had stopped going in the last two or three months before this as I was finding it mundane and the classes were always far too busy for my liking. I’d also bought two new bunnies in November (Nala and Neve) and wanted them to join the Healthy Pet Club at my local vets, so I decided to spend that money on them instead. I know, the irony, but so cute. I didn’t want to give up exercise completely but was wanting to try something new. But what?

It was as if MoveGB had a secret sync to my brain. They’ve decided to work with a number of bloggers and over Christmas, I was asked if I’d like to work with them as a Brand Ambassador for the city as someone who would enjoy what the UK’s most flexible fitness network has to offer. I love different types of keeping fit so have jumped at the chance to take part! Over the last couple of years I’ve tried the energetic Trib3 classes, surprised myself by completing the popular ‘Couch to 5k’ app followed by a competitive Park Run in Hillsborough and enjoyed various dance, aerobic and fat burning classes at the gym.

They say variety is the spice of life and that’s exactly the USP for MoveGB. After simply setting up an account on their website, you have access to a huge array of exercise from yoga to climbing, dance to independent instructors. I’ve taken a look at just how many things I have access to in Sheffield and I’m actually blown away. All I have to do is book a time that works with my schedule at a venue of my choice and then show my mobile pass at the venue. Easy.

The freedom of Move membership will motivate me to keep trying new things that I haven’t done before to help me keep an active lifestyle. I’ve already found by looking on their website that it’s easy to pinpoint local activities to where I live within the city on their activity map and so I’ve decided already that I’m going to give Kettlercise a go first! A low impact workout perfect for calorie burning (and after Christmas I’m sure I have a few extra to burn!), aerobic and strength training using kettlebells and a mini-trampoline – how fun does that sound!? I have loved kettlebell classes in the past but have never tried it with a trampoline too.

So, I’ll be keeping you up to date via my blog with how I get on at a number of classes throughout January and February as a #MoveGBSheffield Ambassador and no doubt will also post on my Insta stories too. I’m really happy this opportunity came when it did and hope you’ll join me on my active journey.

Until next time, take care,

Natalie x


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