Hi, I’m Natalie. I’ve wanted to start a blog for such a long time now. My closest friends know this…in fact, that’s a lie! My closest colleagues know this (not that my colleagues aren’t my friends!) and because I work in marketing full-time, they’re always encouraging me to start doing it on a personal level too. So, finally, I’m going to start making time for what I love; why not have a lot of what you fancy, hey? 
I guess I should start by letting you know a little bit about me. I’m 31, born and bred in South Yorkshire and absolutely love spending my time getting lost in Instagram, reading fashion magazines (especially on Sundays) and watching the tens of fashion/lifestyle YouTube channels that I’m subscribed to. I am generally just really interested in other peoples lifestyles, in a good way! I trained as a journalist just over 10 years ago and although my life didn’t take me in that direction for work, I get to be fairly creative in my job.

A lot of my spare cash goes on doing up my house; decorating it, making it a lovely place to be and I get such a buzz when my friends come over and say nice things about what I’ve done to it. You know that feeling? It makes it all worth while; worth going without that night out on the town or that lush new Winter coat you’d really love to have. Saying that though, I still tend to buy most of the clothes and shoes that I want, but I just try to make sure that I buy in the sale or when there’s a heavy discount code flying about! Don’t we all do this nowadays, so that we can get more fash for our cash?! In fact, I’ll have to show you my small haul from French Connection I picked up last week; their sales are unreal and I know I’ve bought pieces that I’ll be wearing for a number of years to come!

When I think of what my blog and YouTube channel will focus on, I get really excited about ideas such as fashion hauls, comparisons of similar clothing pieces from different price points, sharing my travel destinations with the world – or whoever happens to land on my blog, interior design updates and maybe weekly vlogs in the future when I get a little more confident!

I hope that gives you a feel for who I am and what you can expect from me, my blog and my YouTube channel. If you want to chat or contact me you can email me here.

Take care, I’ll be back soon with my first ‘proper’ blog.

Natalie x