Manchester holds a special place in my heart. My first Pop Idol audition was there, back in 2002 when Kate Thornton was presenting. It was also the place I would love to drive to for a day out when I first passed my driving test; When I thought I was so grown up and was just loving my new found freedom. It’s about 45 minutes from Sheffield on a good day and I really enjoy the drive with the beautiful scenery.

Today, however, my friend and I have travelled by train to enjoy the annual Christmas Markets. We came together last year and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves so knew we had to book again for this year. With a stay over at the Malmaison, festive food and drink and lots of laughter inbetween, it has got to be added to your diary for November or December if you haven’t planned to visit already.

We started off with a ‘Bottomless Brunch’ at Neighbourhood bar, which promised unlimited Prosecco for an hour and a half, for the fantastic price of £30 per person, and afterwards we continued on to enjoy what the city had to offer us.

The Christmas Markets are scattered all over the most popular parts of the city. There are German sausage stalls and pizza stalls and so many Christmas gift stalls . To be honest, we go to enjoy the atmosphere and the Christmas spirit and aren’t interested in the shopping aspect. But if that’s what you’re looking for you’ll have lots of choice!

As well as Manchester being a fantastic shopping experience at any time of year, right now you’ll love it with your friends and family and it will definitely get you in to the Christmas spirit.

Until next week, take care. Natalie x