Parties are being planned, the Christmas adverts on TV are being reviewed and office buffets can’t come quick enough. But one of the most fun things to sort out right now has got to be your choice of Christmas jumper! You can wear them on nights out with friends, on the last day in the office before you break up and obviously on Christmas Day itself.

Over the last few years, the collections from most high street retailers have become vast; there’s definitely something for everyone, even the office Scrooge!

I visited my local Primark to investigate all that they have to offer. And I was not disappointed. So here they are! Most of them were priced at either £14 or £16 which at first you think, ooooh, for a jumper I’m only going to wear once or twice?! But then you quickly realise that you’re going to pay more elsewhere for basically the same thing.

Disney fans are going to be over the moon with the offering from Primark. Whether Mickey or Minnie is your fave, these two are really thick jumpers and so actually, £16 is a great price point for the quality. I tried on Minnie and had to ask my friend which to buy between that one and another Disney option.

For those of you who are looking for something more grown up and traditional, you could go for one of their fairisle options:

Again, all three felt really soft and great quality. None of the jumpers I looked at felt as though they would be uncomfortable or itchy. To be honest I’d personally wear either the baby blue or pink one above with some light-wash denim any day during Winter. There were a couple of cute options too if that’s the kind of vibe you’re wanting to go for:

I don’t know why but there’s something about that robin that reminds me of SouthPark, anyone else think that?! Dog lovers haven’t been forgotten either!

A couple that caught my eye will please unicorn fans out there and also if you fancy a bit of a slogan on your Christmas Jumper, this could be for you:

My choice was influenced by another blogger who posted a picture of it on their Instagram. I had my fingers crossed that I’d find it and I did! Here’s my 2017 Christmas Jumper…

If you’re planning on wearing yours on Christmas Day too, Primark also have a good selection of comfortable, thick cotton leggings/loungewear to finish off your outfit nicely. Several jumpers above have matching items available too so don’t forget to check them out. They’re placed in the same area as the jumpers so you shouldn’t miss them.

You need to get in early if there’s a particular one that you fancy. Don’t leave it until the last minute when everyone else is running around trying to grab one! The jumpers above were all in the Ladies section, I didn’t get the chance to check out the Gent’s range. I think a few of the ones above could be suitable for Men too, for example the Mickey one and the burgundy fairisle one.

Which is your favourite? Are you going to head to a Primark to pick any of them up? Be sure to mention me in your tweet (@alotawhatufancy) or Instagram (@ALotofWhatYouFancy) post with a picture of you in yours. I’m already feeling quite festive and I’m going to wear mine to Manchester Christmas Markets next weekend.

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Until next week, take care. Natalie x