With 3 days to go until Christmas Day, I had a few more presents to buy for loved ones. This morning my boyfriend and I decided to take a drive out to Nottingham. It’s about a 50 minute drive away from my house and I was excited to shop somewhere different, rather than my usual Meadowhall Centre in Sheffield. We all know how crazy that place can be on the run up to Christmas!

The Victoria Retail Park in Nottingham has a good selection of our well known High Street names, including two of my favourites, TKMaxx and B&M. As soon as we arrived we headed to Costa for my first coffee of the day. I’m a salted caramel fan so I went for the Salted Caramel Cappuccino, extra hot, with sprinkles!

Everyone knows the majority of people in coffee shops are in there not just for their caffeine fix but also for the Wi-Fi. It was a delight to find that the retail park had its own free Wi-Fi that you could easily sign in to. When I’m out shopping, no matter where I am, I always look for free Wi-Fi as it makes sharing my fave items with friends and followers so much easier. Plus I’m not having to worry about using my data. There was also a competition to win £100 when you signed in, which would definitely be welcome at this time of year!

I share things that I see and love constantly whilst I shop, either on WhatsApp or on my Insta Stories.

I knew I’d get fixed up with what I needed in both TKMaxx and B&M. The B&M is a two story shop; a first for me! I could have spent hours in there but we all know how it feels to have a loitering partner when we shop, so I tried to be as quick as possible. TKmaxx wasn’t the biggest I’ve been to but they still had lots of lovely pieces. I never walk out of there without picking at least one thing up. Today I bought two canvasses for my bathroom (about time!), a new home for all of my hair bobbles and also a present, which I’m sure the recipient will love.

I also bought three new cushions for my sofa from B&M. The amount of cushions in my living room really is a joke now, but what girl doesn’t love cushions?!

Thankfully that’s me sorted for Christmas shopping this year. Now to look forward to the sales!

Let me know where you like to shop. I’m always up for trying new places, so long as they aren’t too far away!

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Until next time, take care, Natalie x