If you hadn’t already heard, Ultra Violet – Pantone 18-3838 – is the official colour of 2018. Hooray! About time. I love any shade of purple whether it’s the mauve shades in my home or the deep, Cadbury colour of my cosy dressing gown. I even love those plum coloured Fiat 500s! Very cute.

Last week I featured yellow in my Hello Yellow blog. You seemed to love it. I think we’re all ready for a bit of sunshine! This week I’ve been on the look out for anything in the purple colour spectrum.

It’s my favourite colour of all time. Ever since my Mum used to dress me in purple and my Sister in pink, always the same outfit, I’ve been a fan.

It’s not just one for the girls either. Mens fashion pages are full of this colour too. What I tend to do on any website when I’m looking for something in a particular colour is just type in the colour in their search bar and see what comes up. It’s a great way to find things that you perhaps wouldn’t normally think of yourself, maybe a wide legged jumpsuit or a style of dress you’ve never tried before. For those times where you’ve set your mind on a certain colour for say a wedding or party, it works wonders.

Here are some items that I’ve found that I really like.

1. Marks & Spencer Jumper

This is a deep shade. It caught my eye as the large buttons over the shoulders reminded me of a popular jumper from Topshop that a lot of influencers seemed to have (it was in a mustard colour with large brown buttons). I like the slash neck on it too.

2. Topshop Jumper

For when it gets a little warmer, this “Oversized Lofty” open neck, cropped sleeve option will be nice. The lilac/mauve shade is fresh and is perfect for Spring, although I would wear it all year round as like I say, it’s a fave of mine.

3. H&M Knitted Cardigan

The colour combo here is fab. What’s great about all of these shades is that they go with so much. Greys in particular but also these pieces look great with other items in different variants of the colour. Lilac and plum. Beautiful.

4. ASOS Frilled Blazer Dress

Oh how gorgeous is this?! I love it. With barely-there heels I think it’s a perfect Summer event outfit. Really easy but really eye-catching. You’ll know from my bag and shoe purchase this week (if you follow me on Insta) that I love this colour!!

5. H & M Woven Scarf

For when you want to throw on a little bit of colour and comfort, this scarf will do the trick. I was bought one almost identical to this two Christmas’ ago, but mine is a darker shade. I’m going to dig it out!

I’ll keep on hunting down the best new pieces and when I find them I’ll post them on my social media. It would be great to see you over there!

Have you got any violet in your wardrobe already? Are you planning on buying something soon? Let me know. I love to talk fashion and shopping.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, take care. Natalie x

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